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Here's how our Implementation process is better

Implementation includes all the steps from system configuration up to and including user training.

Implementation that minimizes billable hours - ERP companies have big networks of solution partners who's business is to sell and implement ERP software. Because their incentives revolve around billable hours, it's not uncommon for a typical 10-15 user client to spend 20-30K in implementation fees. What if we told you that our implementation costs could be as low as $1.5K, and rarely exceed the $7K barrier (even for larger SMBs) ?

Step-1 Picking a customer side Project Manager (PM) - The process starts with picking a qualified implementation advocate (Preferably from within your business). We call this advocate the customer side PM. To qualify, this person has to:
A. Know your business and the industry in which it competes.
B. Have experience using whatever software system you're using now and have basic software experience (We will interview this person to make sure they have the requisite qualifications).
C. Is able to dedicate a minimum of 1-2 hours per day during the implementation proccess.

Step-2 Follow our step by step implementation videos - Through a series of setup videos that are tyically 2-5 minutes long, your PM is guided through the setup process.

Step-3 Administrator leads user training (aka "Go-live 1") - At this point, your PM becomes the administrator, becoming responsible for assigning user training videos to employees by job function, then following up to make sure they're able to execute on their job function within BizAutomation as expected. After the admin / business owners are satisfied with user readiness, it's time to pick the final go live date (aka "Go-live 2").

Post implementation support - After successfully running your business on BizAutomation the administrator becomes the go to person for coordinating user needs, scheduling time with us as needed.