small business

Why BizAutomation is ideal for the smaller SMB?

Smaller SMBs (Small to Medium sized businesses) which we define as having 3-99 employees have many options available to them, but what many smaller business leaders don’t realize is that many of these well accepted options are not ideal.

Why “Hub &Spoke”software such as QuickBooks and SalesForce are not ideal

“Hub & Spoke” refers to the software business model where at the center (i.e. the “Hub”) you have a key module or set of core apps, such as Accounting or CRM, then at the periphery (i.e. the “Spokes”) are all the other modules businesses typically needed to fill in the gaps. This effectively creates an ecosystem of partners that slowly shifts the priority to the needs of the ecosystem and away from the customer. The reason is quite simple – The more partners you attract, the more business you can generate for the ecosystem, particularly the hub company. Rather than continue to build out features for the hub product based on customer feedback, the incentive shifts to attracting more opportunity for the partners, who will most certainly lobby the hub to leave gap solution build out to them – thereby making the a very potent special interest.

How BizAutomation delivers the power of Enterprise class systems to the smaller SMB

Smaller business has different needs than larger businesses, not only in terms of budget restraints, but also, by definition – less specialization in terms of personal that can apply their time against logical business functions. For example, in a 10 employee company, it’s not uncommon for the owner to not only close business and take care of the VIP customers, they also most likely run the day to day financials with the help of an outsourced CPA. In other words, each employee has more hats to wear.

But that doesn’t mean the smaller business wants EVERYTHING to be a cookie cutter wizard driven experience where everything is overly simplistic and un-customizable. That’s how many software companies are treating the SMB market, put everything into an overly simplistic process where you trade real customization for simplicity. BizAutomation opted against that for two reasons. Firstly, we recognize that every business, no matter how small – has to compete with larger businesses, and that means they need to customize their systems environment to fit them, and not the other way around. Secondly, we realize that there’s often a gap between the perfect fit and what we or any other vendor offers, and that’s where our flexibility as a smaller software company pays huge dividends with customers in terms of how we make enhancements to the suite a very real possibility, the only requirement? Leverageable innovation.

The BizAutomation’s philosophy to building software is guided by small business requirements

The only special interest we have is our small business customers. The guiding philosophy behind every enhancement we make is quite simple.

  1. It has to benefit a sizable portion of the small business market. We often use what we call the “Pink Elephant” argument when talking to customers about enhancements we’d consider for the product. Imagine a well-funded business customer that comes to us and asks us to build in a pink elephant on the corner of the suite. The answer is obviously going to be “no” because while this requirement might in fact make that one customer happy for whatever reason, it doesn’t solve the need of any sizable segment of the market.
  2. The enhancement improves on an existing mouse trap. There’s nothing like innovation from proven real world success out where the rubber meets the road – actual day to day business. Many of our customers have used many well known products, which they’ve tested daily against actual real world needs. If there’s a better way to do it, whether that’s simplification, automation, or reinventing the wheel - we’re all ears.