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Requirements Definition

After many engagements, we can tell you that there’s nothing you can do more to maximize your chances of quickly answering the all important “Are we a fit” question then preparing a clear and concise requirements list.

How to build your “Requirements List”

A simple Excel or Word list with 10 to 30 requirements you can label “Required” or “Like to have”. It sets the agenda for the first phone call or email exchange. Based on this, you’ll know without too much time invested if there’s reason to expand on the conversation or move on to the next solution provider.

When you have this list completed, email it to (You can put “Requirements List” in the subject line) or just call us and ask to speak with a business analyst that can review and comment on your requirements list. We’ll call you to go over any potential red flags, or to expand on any area we feel needs clarification.

Getting to the Proposal Stage

Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, if we think we can be of help we’ll suggest a proposal. While some software companies are only interested in selling in, we’re only interested in selling through, meaning that our reward (financially and otherwise) is based on a long term successful relationship. The cost we pay for this is that our one time up front costs tend to be quite low. This puts tremendous pressure on us to make sure we don’t take on a new customer that we think will not benefit long term. By conducting business this way, we align your interests with our own, the way it should be.