Cloud ERP for the smaller SMB

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
& Materials Resource Planning (MRP)

If you stock product, BizAutomation's SCM can forecast demand from multiple dimensions to help you make truly informed purchase decisions. And if you manufacture, our MRP solution will keep your build and bills of materials (BOMs) forecasting and purchasing optimized. The greater your vendor lead times, the more invaluable you'll find BizAutomation's demand planning, particularly if your sales orders include scheduled release dates.

BizAutomation's SCM and MRP helps you take the blinders off when it comes to planning & procurement, so you can optimize your short term stock and build investments, and reallocate saved resources to more productive means.

Key Benefits


    Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • -Forecast demand against global supply chains.
  • -Demand plan recommends inventory purchases.
  • -Analytics identifies lowest cost options.
  • -Filter by location, item categories, and more.
  • -Drill-down into contributing transactions.
  • -Analyze historical demand.
  • -Include impact of sales opportunity forecasts.

    Material Resource Planning (MRP)
  • -Run analysis against back-ordered BOMs to maximize work order builds.
  • -Re-order BOMs based on long term demand.
  • -Set re-build points to automatically create work-orders.
  • -Find alternate suppliers when ordering replenishments.

    What about Demand Chain Management (DCM) ?
  • -Where SCM deals with supply logistics, DCM does the same on the demand side. Having the ability to meet demand from multi-channel sources, and being able to process these orders with the proper workflow is one of the most overlooked and under-served areas in the ERP industry (But not at BizAutomation).

    For more information, see our sales order management and e-commerce sections.