Sales Order Management


In today’s marketplace you don’t have the luxury of picking & choosing where orders come from. As sales and marketing creates demand, your order management has to receive it, no matter where it comes from. With BizAutomation you’ll have the technology to support any inbound sales flow (Also see our E-Commerce section).

Key Benefits


Customized Order Entry

When we say you can customize your order entry, we really mean it

  • Turn-on or off page sections and fields.
  • Set key default & custom fields as required.
  • Customize columns relevant to your business.
  • Turn on processes such as price margin control.
  • Order FROM multiple-warehouses TO multiple Ship-to locations from the same order screen.
  • Process credit cards, order on credit, etc..
  • Get shipping rates while creating the order
  • See pricing history by item selected.
  • Use promotion mgt. to up-sell or cross-sell based on item profile.
  • Review customer’s financial credit standing while building the order.
  • Multi-select feature for rapidly entering many items at once.
  • Mass-add items from item templates.
  • Mass-create sales orders.

Sales Order-fulfillment that’s as flexible as your business

Order fulfillment includes everything that happens from the time an order is created, to the time it’s invoiced and shipped.

You can pick, pack, and ship then invoice, or invoice then pack and ship, or do both.

Depending on your sales cycle, you might need to mass fulfill shippable orders hundreds of times a day, or you might have one of those long selling cycles, where each order happens less frequent, but when it does there’s a lot of revenue on the line, requiring a discrete process.

You might need to generate shipping labels and tracking #s. BizAutomation is as flexible and capable as your business will ever need it to be.


Mass sales fulfillment

  • - Create pick lists & packing slips
  • -Create shipping labels & tracking #s
  • -Process credit cards
  • -Auto-assign items & quantities to boxes
  • -Auto-release allocation & close orders

Discrete sales fulfillment

  • - Drive packing slips on picked items, re-adjusting the quantity remaining to pick
  • -Option to allow packing slip to drive the invoice which creates matching IDs so receiver can reconcile both documents during their receiving process
  • -Create Purchase Order from Sales Order

Shipping & Packaging Management - No 3rd party software required !

Quote shipping rates from WITHIN BizAutomation using your own FedEx, UPS, USPS, or Canada Post shipping account (adding margins as needed), or your customer’s account.

Automatically group line items into shipping boxes, master cartons, or custom containers using our packaging automation (you can also drag n drop line items into virtual boxes). Weight is calculated for you, or you can manually add it on the fly.

With the click of a button you can create shipping labels and tracking #s, which adds them to your packing slip.

Print shipping labels directly to your thermal printer (Zebra, Dymo, Canon, etc..), so you can add them to the packing slip when the shipment is released from the warehouse.

BizAutomation workflow automatically sends the customer a message from the order, with a tracking number link, and notice indicating shipping details and when the shipment will arrive.

Customer RMAs

Customer RMAs can be created internally by your employees, from existing shipped orders. They can also be initiated by customers themselves (requires customer portal, which requires the BizAutomation web store). In either process, once the RMA is completed, you’ll be able to issue refunds or credit memos, which automatically impact payable commissions (if you’re using BizAutomation sales commissions), update your accounting entries, including inventory to whatever receiving warehouse you select.