Purchase Management

Run your purchase-process as efficiently as your big competitors

Your big competitors spend a lot of money with big name software companies to streamline their purchasing. But you don’t need software designed for big business, you need purchasing software that keeps your procurement processes efficient and easy to use, without compromising best practices.

Because purchasing may involve inventory and warehousing, you may also want to refer to our "Inventory Management" section.

Key Benefits


Requisitions & Purchase Orders

  • Create a requisition without allowing the P.O. to go out or On-Order to go up, until it's approved.
  • Create a Purchase Order directly, or from a Sales Order, with linking between both records.
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    Purchase Fulfillment
    Scan bar codes, or enter values manually. Once you receive product, BizAutomation will automatically take care of Billing, A/P, and closing the order based on workflow.


    Base receiving on vendor invoices
    Because vendors typically invoice immediately after they ship your order, BizAutomation supports the ability to reconcile vendor invoices against shipments during the receiving process.


    Vendor RMAs
    Create vendor RMAs from received purchase orders. When you do BizAutomation will automatically make all the accounting and inventory level entries.