Price & Cost Management

Every business has to build a strategy that optimizes its price and cost value chains. While market forces drive price expectations, industries often set the standards for communicating those prices to customers. With BizAutomation, you’ll have the tools needed to drive pricing and costing strategies in order to stay competitive.

Key Benefits


    Discounts & Mark-ups
  • Set pricing on discounts from list or markup from cost. The cost foundation can itself be set to default to vendor costs, average costs, or per order costs which are used when the cost of an item isn’t known until it’s sold.


    Price Levels & Price Wizards
  • - Price levels discount or markup tables set up within items (e.g. 1-10) can be defaulted to customers by level.
  • - Build price wizards that discount or mark-up based on customer and item dimmensions.

    Driving costs down with economies of scale
  • BizAutomation lets you consolidate purchase orders by vendor, to let you take advantage of volume discounts available from purchase orders, and within supply chain management when building a demand plan.
    Vendor Costs
  • Every item can be setup with multiple vendors, and each vendor can be setup with buy (ea.) unit cost. Setup cost tables which take into account your vendor’s volume discounts to you, which can be applied when building purchase orders.