Warehouse Management - WMS

The Costs Of Excess Inventory Can Be Huge (Forbes)

Inventory and warehouse management is increasing in value and relevance. The number of warehouses in the U.S. has risen 6.8% over the last five years. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • 27% That’s how much warehouse management software can reduce your inventory carrying cost (credit scribd)

Key Benefits


Multiple Warehouses (Barcode ready)
Setup as many warehouse locations as you need, which will create your “Ship-Froms” during an order process. Receive to warehouses using barcode scanners.


Inventory bin / Location control
Each item can belong to an aisle, rack, shelf and bin location (or any sub-set thereof). You can purchase to a global holding warehouse, and receiving to a specific location (Warehouse / Bin)


Single & Two-Step Stock Transfers
Adjust stock or transfer inventory from one item to another (allocation levels automatically adjust). Create a “Transfer Order” which is essentially an inter-company Purchase Order, that you can receive just like any other P.O.


Generic Global & Virtual Warehouses
Global warehouses are used when you don’t want to commit inbound purchases to a specific location until it arrives. Virtual warehouses are warehouses you can assign to items you don’t actually own and thus don’t want affecting costing and valuation on the balance sheet.


Supply Chain Integration / 3PL Integration
If you outsource part or all of your sales fulfillment to 3PL, BizAutomation will take care of all the order processing, including sending 940s, receiving 856s/ASNs (and 997 confirmation notices), all while maintaining both WMS inventory levels synchronized. Also see 3PL Integration within the "E-Commerce" section.



Overnight and 2 day shipping, reliably and consistently, has become a must have option or you’ll loose customers (Nchannel). You can thank the “Amazon effect” for this.


Most smaller SMBs just can’t afford to have warehouses spread throughout the country, which is required to meet the new economy’s shipping costs and delivery requirements. Quite a pickle to be in.


Outsource your warehousing at least in part, to 3PLs. They’re an incredibly useful and affordable resource. Better yet, BizAutomation can integrate with them out of the box !