Multi-Channel Inventory

If you run your web-store through BizAutomation, you’ll be able to leverage the benefits of single-source inventory because the same inventory data used to run your business, is leveraged for your web store too. If you sell on marketplaces such as Amazon, you’ll benefit from having a single item-master to control satellite records. For more on BizAutomation’s e-commerce solutions, click here.

Key Benefits


Real-time updates to Web-Store(s)
- Update item details, such as retail prices, weght, custom field data, etc.
- See web-store categories for all web-stores and sub-categories on your site from the item record, then subscribe & unsubscribe to one or more categories by web-store as needed. .


Single-Source Multi-Channel
- If you need to sell on online marketplaces, such as Amazon, e-bay, or any other marketplace, BizAutomation can receive orders from Amazon and eBay, OR you can provide a item data feed to list items from your inventory through one of our multi-channel parters.