E-commerce Features

BizAutomation - E-commerce with Business Portal


Eliminates the inevitable integration problems every stand-alone e-commerce has when trying to "connect" to Accounting & CRM. Supports 1000s of ready to implement & responsive Bootstrap Templates.


An integrated e-commerce platform WITHOUT compromise: Where other end-to-end systems tack on a connector to one of the popular stand alone e-commerce products, that's NOT the same as having it on the same database. Did you know that connecting out to an e-commerce product means that now you have a whole host of duplication issues to deal with ? Here's a partial list of questions you need to ask any ERP system that claims that a connecting out to a stand-alone e-commerce product is the same as a single platform offering.

  • Because two seperate inventory systems are duplicated, how are records synchronized (e.g. Are records on both systems updated or only from one database to the other) ?
  • How are duplicates on both databases reconciled (e.g. If you have 2 "Widget-123" items on one system but not the other, how is that record cleaned up) ?
  • Do rich pricing and promotion wizards used on order management within ERP drive dynamic pricing on e-commerce (e.g. customer tiers, volume discounts, partner login price resets, etc..) ?
  • How does business rules set within the accounting the module on ERP (e.g. net terms issued to a particular shopper) replicate up to the shopping cart (or for that matter A/R, Invoicing, etc..) ?
  • How are new customers that abandon the shopping cart treated within CRM (BizAutomation makes them prospects so you can market to them in the future via our CRM tools) ?

    We can go on and on but we hope we've made our point. If you use e-commerce, making sure it's part of your business management cloud and not simply a connector to a 3rd party shopping cart, really does matter.