EDI Integration

If your trading partners do business via EDI, and you need to convert documents into and out of your ERP system, BizAutomation has a built in solution that directly works with leading EDI MSPs such as "babelway". Because BizAutomation directly handles all the business processes required to orchistrate inbound and outbound EDI, you're free to negociate service level contracts with EDI providers without having to depend on them for ERP level integration. Contact us for more details.

  • 35% % reduced in paper, printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval with EDI transactions (Forrester Research)
  • Reduction in cost of processing an order manually was $38 vs $1.38 for EDI
  • 61% % your business cycles will speed up (Forrester Research)
  • 20% % in reduced order-to-cash cycle time (Forrester Research)

Key Benefits


ERP direct EDI transactions - Receive 850 Purchase Orders to automatically generate Sales Orders within BizAutomation. Send outbound 856/ASNs (shipping notices) and 810 invoices, 997 acknoledgements, and more.


Guidance & Direct Project Management - Rather than send you off to 3rd party consultants, BizAutomation will provide you with advocacy consulting during the EDI MSP selection process if you require it, and directly manage the project from beginning to end. This is how we ensure that in the end, your EDI service provider, trading partner, and business systems all work in harmony.