Integrated E-Commerce – THIS can be your business on BizAutomation !


Unlike our big ERP software competitors, BizAutomation is based on a "Customer" rather than "Partner" first advocacy model. So rather than pursue a "Platform" approach which leads to vendor lock-in by promoting vertical integration, we've directly built in all the workflow and business processes required to orchestrate ALL your orders, no matter where they come from, in a very uniform and vendor neutral way. This way, you, and not the e-commerce "partner", end up with all the leverage when comes time to renegotiate service contracts. Contact us for more details.

E-Commerce Solutions


BizAutomation Web-Store

  • - A single version of the truth leverages BizAutomation’s Inventory, WMS, CRM, Accounting, Pricing & Promotion – all on and from the same database.

Multi-Channel Integration

  • - Connect marketplaces to BizAutomation such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, Jet, Etsy, etc...
  • - Connect popular web stores to BizAutomation such as Woo, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento...

EDI Integration

  • - Receive and send EDI documents with your trading partners, such as 850s, 810s, and 856/ASNs, and orchestrate all of it from within BizAutomation.

3PL Integration / Supply Chain Integration

  • - New E-Commerce rules require that product be ready to ship near your customers. That’s why outsourced warehousing & fulfillment to 3PLs is growing like crazy (e.g. Amazon FBA).