3PL & Outsourced Shipping & Fulfillment Integration

3PL / Outsourced fulfillment services are taking off, in no small part because the new
e-commerce economy, demands that you keep inventory near your customer due to customer expidited shipping demands (probably a result of the "Amazon effect").

This growth in demand has taken economies of scale to critical mass which has lowered the cost of outsourcing 3PL services (pooled warehousing, shipping, and receiving) to the point that now costs are often lower than direct fulfillment - a double win.

BizAutomation integrates directly with most tier-1 3PL providers out of the box (setup is required however), without needing to rely on expensive EDI document exchanges. To learn more, please contact us.

  • 1/3% - or less of online shoppers are willing to pay extra for faster shipping (2018 – Trellis Blog).
  • 46% - of online shoppers abandoned a shopping cart due to a shipping time that was too long or not provided. (comScore)
  • 2 Day & same day shipping: Are now must haves (Nchannel). This is probably due to the “Amazon affect”.

Key Benefits


Send ship requests from sales orders to your 3PL (aka 940 ship request).


Receive shipment release notices from your 3PLs (aka 856/ASNs), which trigger allocation release within BizAutomation so both WMS inventories are in sync.


No expensive EDI document fees – Most companies that seek to integrate with 3PLs suggest using EDI. We don’t because it’s expensive and not needed. A customer first advocates, BizAutomation’s official position is that EDI should only be reserved for use with trading partners that require it (Using EDI as a “standards” definition guideline however is wholeheartedly recommended).


Guidance & Implementation - In order to guarantee a successul outcome, BizAutomation can help you with the 3PL selection process, and will manage the entire project from the point of engagement with your 3PL, to to functional testing that ensures that all your business processes are executing during the ordering and fulfillment process, and that your inventory is synchronized with that of your consignment locations at 3PL locations.