Sales Automation

Fact - High-performing sales teams are 2.8x more likely than underperforming teams to say their sales organizations have become much more focused on personalizing customer interactions over the past 12–18 months. (Based on top 20% of 3,000+ sales professionals surveyed) By offering more personalized selling experiences at scale, top sales teams are winning the attention of prospects and customers who are tired of one-size-fits-all tactics (SalesForce).

Key Benefits

Opportunities & Forecasting

Sales Opportunities go hand in hand with automated follow-ups, and from that workflow relationship comes that all important quote, estimate, or proposal. But sales opportunities aren’t all created equal. Like any process, they’re only worth the time you invest in them, so the potential pay off has to be significant enough to justify the investment.

That’s why a BizAutomation Sales Opportunity is a very special thing. Unlike many CRM systems, we make sure you can reference the very object of what you’re selling (line items) and have a repeatable selling process based on your best sales performers, which now can be enforced across all sales staff. This makes everyone a rock star because we maximize the chances of closing each deal in the pipeline.