Relationship Management

  • Question

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is all about managing customer relationships, but what about all the other relationships your business needs to manage ?

  • Fact

    Other than “Customers” you also need to manage – Vendors, Partners, Media, Resellers, and any number of custom relationships specific to your unique industry – each with its own unique set of needs !

  • Solution

    BizAutomation let’s you custom define relationships and roles. For example, you may want your customers sub-divided into various groups, where you can assign certain settings and conditions to each group such as custom fields, price level, shipping levels, etc.

Key Benefits


Define & manage ALL your relationships (Not just Customers) - So let’s say that in your business, managing “Media” relationships are very important, and you want to categorize them into sub-relationships such as “Printed Media firms”, “Online Media firms”.


Set rules and default settings for each organization – Let’s say you want to target different relationships on, your web store differently based on their unique relationship, say you want to expose certain items to them. Or say you want to drive certain promotions and prices to one relationship, but not another.


Partner Relationship Management (PRM) - If you work with: Resellers, Outsourced 1099 sub-contractors, Dealers, Affiliates, or any other type of partner, here’s what you need to know:

  • You can assign sales commissions to both partner and employees on the same sales order, which can be a percentage or flat amount, based on the order amount, or the paid invoice.
  • Pre-assign sales orders to partners and employees based on rules.
  • Partner pricing can be based on either price rules, item price level or both.
  • If you use BizAutomation’s web store, you can display partner level pricing, as well as items and promotions specifically for each partner tier (And hide items not pertinent or relevant to them).
  • If you need to credit affiliates based on links from their web site – yep !
  • We have a partner portal that enables the partner to self serve on RMAs, view Orders, Opportunities, Ship-Dates, and more (add-on cost).