Can your CRM system do this ?

Take a look at the image on the left. It’s a BizAutomation Inbox which gets its email from this user’s GMAIL.

See the Alert Panel column ? It’s actually showing you the business activity associated with the person the message is from. For example, that $ Sign indicates that Carl and Priya belong to a company that has an open A/R in Accounting. You can see how useful that is right ? So, can your CRM do that ?

Key Benefits


Replicates your inbox with business alerts from within BizAutomation.


Send email from BizAutomation using Email Templates you create as needed.


Synchronize your calendar with your Google calendar.


Outbound email templates can use merge fields from organizations, contacts and orders, and any custom field you add.


So for example if you wanted to include a a quote or an order right in the body of the message, you could. You can also combine this with workflow automation, and automate custom messages.